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Hello I’m Becky, a keen photographer and avid tea- drinker based in London.

I travel all over shooting pictures of anything and everything that catches my eye.

My interest in photography developed in the calm of the dark room where, as a student, I loved seeing the images I’d taken come to life.

I use both film and digital within my work, depending on which suits the environment and subject.

I especially enjoy shooting style wedding and portraits set against unusual backgrounds.

I have a strong creative background and studied textiles, painting and pattern printing at University.

I have illustrated and published a children’s book and also illustrated and directed an award winning animation film, ‘Little World’

All of these artistic projects I believe fuel and enhance my photography.

I’m constantly experimenting with creative shots which capture the mood and personality of who or what I am working with.

I have two beautiful girls, Sophie and Julia both whom share my love of the arts.

You’ll not be surprised to learn I have a huge catalogue of photographs of them both as well as our beloved cat, Tsuki.


"We sat down with London-based photographer Becky Bailey who shared with us her love for her work and her family, her path to finding pride in her Deaf identity, and the misconceptions she has faced as a Deaf photographer working with hearing clients."

- Catalys Wedding